Q: How much time it takes to join your affiliate program?

Ans: You can join our affiliate program by simply filling a form. Once you join our affiliate program, our concerned team will contact you to get further detail from you and explain you how you can start affiliate marketing. It takes hardly a day. DubaiFilter.com may reject application due to any reason.

Q: What percentage of money will I get through your affiliate program?

Ans: Below are the details of our affiliate program

Affiliate Program - Faqs


Affiliates will earn 10% commission on first 10 orders.


As soon as an affiliate get 11th order, he/she will start earning 15% commission until he/she reaches to 20th order.


Affiliate will start earning 20% commission from the 21st order up to on wards.

NOTE: Affiliate member should inform us on completion of their 10th & 20th order, to make sure they have no cancelled order & can promote to next level smoothly.

Q: Can I use any of my Nick name to join you affiliate program?

Ans: You can join our affiliate program only by your original name, which is on you identity documents. Joining us from with any nick name or fake name will ends with de-activation of your membership & you will not get paid the earned commission.

Q: How do I know that you are getting business through my blog or site or my sharing?

 Ans: You can login to the dashboard whenever you want and know about the traffic & orders getting through your referrals.

Q: Can I offer discount coupon to my clients?

Ans: Yes, you can attract your customers by offering them special discount coupon. Please contact us to create discount coupon for your affiliate marketing.

Q: Can I transfer my membership to my spouse or friends.

Ans. No. the affiliate program’s membership in non-transferable.

Q: How would I know what amount of commission I have earned?

Ans: You can login to the dashboard whenever you want and know about the commission you've earned.

Q: At the point when will I get my Affiliate commission paid?

Ans: All commissions are ready to pay specifically to you by the 15th of every month for the earlier month's deals. For example, if you get an order on 30th June, You will get it paid on 15th July. If you get an order on 1st July, you will get it paid on 15th August.


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