Puri Triplex with Ultraviolet Sterilization

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PuriPro® Brand presents Puri-Triplex- In-Line Drinking Water Filter. It consist of three stages of purification which can handle heavy filtration needs for years.  It comes with PuriPro® Polypropylene filter (1 Micron) as first stage & PuriPro® Carbon cartridge filter (1 Micron) as second stage and Granular activated carbon filter (1 Micron) as third stage.  And finally  treated water passes from PuriPro® UV Max for Sterilization & effective control of germs, bacteria & other micro organisms.

First Stage: First stage filter removes suspended particles such as Sediment, Fibers, Rust, Dust, Pollen, Slime, Organic & Inorganic solvents.

Second Stage: Second stage filter remove chlorine from the water & adsorb the Bad Taste & Odor from water.

Third Stage: Third stage filter remove any remaining particles of chlorine and there family. You will get a tasty purified water finally.

Ultraviolet Sterilization: PuriPro®  UV Max systems utilize a natural quartz sleeve to protect the lamp and allow the maximum amount of UV rays to penetrate and disinfect the water. With extremely durable construction, high quality quartz sleeves and high-performance lamps, you can’t go wrong.  Micro-organisms are inactivated within seconds, with no harmful chemicals or by-products.
Investing in Puri-Triplex with PuriPro® UV Max will help you protect against rust & dust  particles. It will protect and extend the life of your appliances by removing sand, silt, scale and other particles.

Special Features:
● Includes pressure relief button
● 3 x Polycarbonate housing & polypropylene cap screws
● Leak-proof sealing. Maximum pressure 70 psi. Pressure reducer should be used for in case of excess pressure.
● Thick wall and added ribs make the housings ideal for a wide range
of applications
● Buttress thread design provides superior sealing & greater security
● 2 Blue & 1 Clear
● Heavy duty housing with pressure relief button
● Colour: 1 Transparent & 1 Blue
● Size: 10” - Slim Series
● Connection: 1/2” , 1/4”
● Accessories: Bracket , Screws, Wrench

Model:  HS3-1025UV
Brand : PuriPro®
Max Pressure:  70 psi
Size: 10”  Connection:  Inlet ½” & Outlet ¼”
Color: 1 Clear Sump , 2 Blue Sump
UV: PuriPro® UV Max , Philips Lamp
UV Material: Stainless Steel  
Application:  Restaurants , villas, homes , schools, ice & coffee maker

Puri Triplex with Ultraviolet Sterilization

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