PuriPro - Dual Stage Filtration

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PuriPro® Brand presents Dual Stage- In-Line Drinking Water Filter. It consist of two stages of purification which can handle heavy filtration needs for years.  It comes with PuriPro® Polypropylene filter (1 Micron) as first stage & PuriPro® Carbon cartridge filter (1 Micron) as second stage.

First Stage: First stage filter removes suspended particles such as Sediment, Fibers, Rust, Dust, Pollen, Slime, Organic & Inorganic solvents.

Second Stage: Second stage filter remove chlorine from the water & adsorb the Bad Taste & Odor from water.

Investing in PuriPro® Dual-Stage  will help you protect against rust & dust  particles. It will protect and extend the life of your appliances by removing sand, silt, scale and other particles.

Special Features:
● Includes pressure relief button
● 2 x Polycarbonate housing & polypropylene cap screws
● Leak-proof sealing. Maximum pressure 70 psi. Pressure reducer should be used for in case of excess pressure.
● Thick wall and added ribs make the housings ideal for a wide range of
● Buttress thread design provides superior sealing & greater security
● 1 Blue & 1 Clear
● Heavy duty housing with pressure relief button
● Colour: 1 Transparent & 1 Blue
● Size: 10” - Slim Series
● Connection: 1/2” 
● Accessories: Bracket , Screws, Wrench


Model:  HS2-1025
Brand : PuriPro®
Max Pressure:  70 psi
Size: 10” x 2.5” Connection:  ½”
Color: 1 Clear , 1 Blue Sump
Included: Bracket, Screw, Wrench & 2 Filters
Application:  Restaurants , villas, homes , schools, ice & coffee maker

PuriPro - Dual Stage Filtration