Triple Filter

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Stage 1

Poly Propylene in-depth sediment filter cartridge is used in the first stage for removal of dust,rust,silt scale and unseen suspended particles. Filtration rating of 5-micron at this stage, holds back most of the suspended particles and a minimum load of sediment is passed to the second stage

Stage 2

G.A.C.Cartridge equipped with a post filter of 1 micron is used in second stage. It filters the water to 1 micron and the beds of Granular Activatred Carbon (G.A.C.) removes upto 99% of EDB

Stage 3

UDF Cartridge futures 5 micron Carbon Block Filter eliminates any remaining chlorine in the water


Model:  TF-12
Brand : Un Branded
Max Pressure:  70 psi
Size: 10” x 2.5” Connection:  ½”
Color: Clear
Included: Bracket, Screw, Wrench & 3 Filters
Application:  Restaurants , villas, homes , schools, ice & coffee maker

Triple Filter