5 Reasons You Need a Shower Filter

The chlorine in our public water supply works as a disinfectant so we can safely drink the water. But when it comes to taking a shower, that same chlorine can have a not-so-nice effect on your skin and hair.


1. You have dry hair

Blow drying, straightening, perming, coloring, and curling damages your hair. Chlorine in the water dries your hair and can damage its protective outer layer. Dull hair and unwelcome split ends can be the result.

2. You have dry skin

The combination of warm or hot water in your shower plus chlorine in the water strips the natural oils from your skin. This can cause dry, flaky, and even itchy skin.

3. You are facing hair falling

There is no scope of doubt in this. Chlorinated water does cause hair fall inevitably. The chlorine atoms are reactive, they are the same present in your swimming pools that cause pigmentation of skin. The itching and scaling if scalp skin causes hair fall further.

Chlorinated water causes hair fall because the atoms don't reach the place where they can be detoxified.

4. You have color-treated hair

After an expensive day at the salon, and even if you do-it-yourself at home, you want your hair coloring to last as long as possible. The coloring process can leave your hair more porous and more susceptible to fading from the effects of chlorine.

5. You are sensitive to chlorine

If you have sensitive skin or negative reactions to chlorine, removing it from your daily shower can help reduce one source of irritation.

Shower Filter

The simplest way you can effectively reduce the amount of toxic chemicals in your shower water is by installing a shower water filter. Shower head chlorine filters help you conserve and save money on water, decrease the amount of harmful chemicals in your cleaning water, and also reduce the amount of air pollution in your home. Shower filters are designed to handle high temperatures and elevated water pressure while providing consumers with an enjoyable shower experience. Most shower water filters decrease the amount of free chlorine that directly hits your skin, and quality shower filters typically remove about 90 percent of free chlorine from your water.




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